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My amount deducted from bank but order failed during placing order. Where is my money at this stage?
Your money is safe for sure no need to worries at all; such problems normally happen because of network issues. Athos shop does periodic resolution with banks and incase your money is deducted from bank; it will be added to your Athos Credits within minutes. Our team genuinely apologizes for such bad experience.
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Why order is late ?
Athos shop’s verified supplier at system has its own team of delivery boys who are rigorously trained to deliver your order on time and in best quality. In case of any traffic issues, user will be communicated via phone call notification and email that their delivery might be late.
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I received a phone call from a person claiming to be from Athosshop asking for my credentials
Never! No one from Athos shop team will ever call you and ask for your credentials. You must refuse any such demand and report back to us. We also advice changing your password every week or monthly Never share your credentials with anyone!
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